Selling Dimensional Products on Magento Is Finally Possible!

Selling dimensional products online can be tricky. Shopify only supports Simple Products and Variant Products. Adobe Commerce / Magento supports more types of products (ie. Simple Products, Configurable Products, Virtual Products, Grouped Products, Bundle Products, Downloadable Products), but there is still no easy way to support purchasing products that are priced based on a formula using product dimensions……until now.

Businesses that need formula pricing deal with dimensional products and are typically those that sell items that are sold based on their length, width, height, weight, or volume. These types of products often require special ecommerce purchasing considerations, as they are not defined by a single SKU. They are typically a SKU plus price specific attributes. 

The following are products that use Dimensional values when selling on ecommerce sites like Magento, since their pricing will be generated based on a formula:

  • Companies that sell Fabric online
  • Companies that sell Blinds &  Curtains online (see our specialty module for eCommerce Window covering merchants)
  • Companies that sell Veneers online
  • Companies that sell Rope online
  • Companies that sell Wire online
  • Companies that sell Cable online
  • Companies that sell Liquids online
  • Companies that sell Metal online
  • Companies that sell Bulk Goods online

There is a solution for selling dimensional products via eCommerce. It is the MageArray Formula Based Custom Pricing module for Adobe Commerce / Magento.

How does it work?

The Formula Based Custom Pricing extension adds a formula pricing tab on the product page in your Magento Catalog (admin area) where you can write a custom formula to calculate the price. You can also define static variables in the "Static Variables For Equation" (text area) and use them in the custom formula for price calculation. The system will use the defined formula to calculate the product price.

For example you can create the following types of pricing formulas in Magento:

  • {width}*{height}*{price} 
  • ({Pi}*({Radius}*{Radius})) (in this formula Pi= 3.14 which needs to be defined in static variables for equation) 
  • {width}*{height}*{option-one_price}+({width}+{height}*1.5) 
  • {length}*{width}*{height}*{price} 

This extension allows you to calculate prices of multi-dimensional procuts and sell them online. There are a lot of different use cases, but some common ones are variable-sized products like Liquids sold in volume, Blinds sold in length and width, Fabric in meter or yard Flooring sold in square feet, Variable mulch sold in the cubic yard, Wallpaper sold based on wall dimensions, Printing, and Banners store, Foam sold by the cubic foot, Fencing for house or garden, Tarps sold in meters, Wrapping paper sold according to surface area, etc.

So, finally there is an easy way for merchants to sell their Formula based / Dimensional products online using Adobe Commerce / Magento.