Exciting Times in the Magento Community: Embracing Hyva for a Bright Future!

Hey there, merchants and enthusiasts! Have you noticed all the buzz happening in the Magento community lately? It's truly an exciting time! Sort of like pre-Adobe / pre-2.0.

Many companies are recognizing the limitations of SaaS platforms like Shopify when it comes to customizing their eCommerce platform to suit their unique needs. That's why savvy merchants, particularly those in B2B and outside the US and Canada, are adopting Magento once again. We think one of the main reasons behind this resurgence is the rise of Hyva and the fantastic work of Willem Wigman and his team. Willem has been a passionate advocate in the Magento community, leading the charge to make Magento faster and easier to develop on.

It is a bit of a different path from the one Adobe has taken. A significant challenge with Magento has been its frontend speed and the complexities of development. But thanks to Hyva, that is changing! They've made it a lot easier to create fast and feature-rich frontend Magento themes, leaving the old Luma theme in the dust. The adoption of Hyva in the community is undeniable, and we've been listening to our customers' feedback. So, we're thrilled to announce that we are fully committed to making sure all MageArray apps support Hyva moving forward!

It's a big undertaking, but we've already started making it a reality. In fact, we've launched our first Hyva compatible module – the CSV Table Matrix Pricing module. But wait, there's more! We have an exciting lineup of Hyva-compatible modules in the pipeline, ready to be released soon. If you've been eyeing one of our modules and want to use it on Hyva, just let us know! Your requests are our top priority, and we'll fast-track it for you.

We're genuinely thrilled about the changes and updates happening in the Magento community and the groundbreaking work that the Hyva team is doing. Together, we're building a brighter future for e-commerce, one where flexibility, speed, and innovation go hand in hand. Join us on this incredible journey, and let's make e-commerce history together!