The Magento trend line doesn't look great...but there are signs for optimism!!!

It's no secret that since Adobe brought Magento, their investment in Magento, and the ecosystem, has gone down. This has also resulted in fewer deals and fewer new builds on the Magento e-commerce platform. It is also meant that other platforms have taken the opportunity to lead the marketplace. 

The following chart from BuiltWith shows a big decline in overall Magento sites:

 Magento Trend Graph Down

Shopify Plus  has been one of the big leaders in taking market share from Magento. The following chart shows the tremendous growth on Shopify Plus. Many of these customers are B2C not B2B.

Shopify Plus - Trend Graph Uu

Magento has had the B2B growth cannibalized by BigCommerce, Which has invested in B2B eCommerce features and functionality. As a result they have grown significantly as well.

BigCommerce Trend Graph Up with a dip

There are definitely bright spots for Magento though. Recently we have seen an uptick in new sites being built with front-ends like Hyva. This Is definitely the result of companies wanting to own their whole Tech Stack, and make customizations to the platform for their business use cases. These types of customizations are typically not possible in Shopify or BigCommerce without creating private apps. It is also interesting to note that a lot of the builds on Hyva are happening in Europe where there are higher data privacy rules than in USA and Canada.

The following chart shows how Hyva has grown rapidly. 

Magento Hyva trend graph up

While the numbers for Hyva are not huge, they show consistency, and reinforce why MageArray has committed to supporting Hyva, and why we will be updating all MageArray extensions to support Hyva as well. We think Magento fills an important need in the eCommerce platform ecosystem and will continue to support it long-term.