Magento vs. Shopify - the battle is not over

Shopify has been on a tear and growing their marketshare aggressively. From the news reports, one would think that Shopify is the only eCommerce platform out there and Adobe Commerce / Magento has been vanquished as an option. That is clearly not the case. Magento has a thriving community and continues to power some of the biggest and best eCommerce sites.

Here is where Shopify stacks-up against Adobe Commerce / Magento:



  • Easy to use.

  • Easy to modify.

  • Good base functionality.

  • Large developer community

  • Large apps marketplace

  • Upgrades are not required


  • Customizations require combinations of front-end code, 3rd party apps, tags, or Private Apps.

  • When you have to build Private Apps, you can build really custom solutions, but in doing so, you negate the “low maintenance” value of the SaaS platform.

  • No SDLC support (ie. no easy setup of Stage vs. Prod environments). You need to manually replicate the environments. This makes it really tough to implement strong enterprise development processes.

  • Limited B2B eCommerce functionality.

  • To have a highly functional store you need a lot of 3rd party modules. The conflicts between them, and their cumulative costs really add up.



  • Industry-leading B2C and B2B functionality.

  • Multiple types of products are available by default (ie. simple, configurable, kits, bundles)

  • Engineers can fully customize the functionality. No need to work around SaaS platform’s API limitations.

  • Strong headless commerce capabilities.

  • Large apps marketplace to extend B2B and B2C functionality (checkout Mage Array’s Extensions)

  • As a LAMP stack application, Magento integrates smoothly into modern SDLC environments


  • Adobe Commerce / Magento is more complex to manage and maintain than Shopify. For any serious eCommerce Merchant that has scale and multiple systems, some level of complexity should be expected.

  • Adobe Commerce / Magento must be updated periodically. These updates can be time consuming and costly. 


There are different use cases to select Adobe Commerce / Magento versus Shopify. For any eCommerce business that targets both B2B and B2C customers, Adobe Commerce / Magento is the best eCommerce platform available. No apologies here Shopify fanboys….. Shopify clearly is a good platform, but Magento is significantly more flexible and capable that Shopify.