Big Day !! Magento 2 Marketplace Release

Today, it is the big day for MageArray, We release Magento 2 Marketplace Module where multiple seller can sell their own products.

Following features contain into Magento 2 Marketplace Module
Extension Features

- Marketplace URL with all Sellers/Vendors.
- Different Seller/Vendor profile page.
- Seller/Vendor profile page with social media links, All product collection from vendor link.
- Separate Seller/Vendor products page.
- Separate Seller/Vendor Signup with microstore url.
- Customer can become Seller/Vendor.
- Configuration for Allow Customer to become Seller/Vendor or not.
- Ajax check for Seller/Vendor shop url.
- Ask for Address Fields / Finance Fields at Seller/Vendor signup page as per configuration.
- Shop URL will be used to open Seller/Vendor Profile page directly.
- Admin approval for new registered seller/vendor, as per configuration.
- Configuration for Allow Seller/Vendor to see Customer Navigation.
- New Seller/Vendor registration notification email to admin as per configuration.
- Backend manageable email template for New Seller/Vendor registration.
- Seller/Vendor enable/disable from admin.
- Different Seller Section ( Seller/Vendor Dashboard, Seller/Vendor Profile, Products, Product Import/Export, Transaction list, Stock Import/Export, Reviews, Order, Own Store).
- In Seller/Vendor Profile can add store description, meta keyword, meta description, facebook, twitter ids for shop.
- In Seller/Vendor Profile can also add Financial Details.
- Add/Edit Products with multiple media gallery, with different attributes, multiple category selection.
- Seller/Vendor can Import/Export their products.
- Seller/Vendor can create own product from frontend.
- Configuration for category selection at time of product creation like : Leaf Selection or Multiple Selection.
- Admin can choose Attributes from admin which will show on product creation form on frontend.
- Product approval required as per configuration.
- Add/Edit product notification email as per configuration.
- Backend manageable email template for Add/Edit product.
- Seller/Vendor Product collection.
- Seller/Vendor dashboard will display Sales statistics like total sale, amount paid, amount remaining.
- Seller/Vendor dashboard also display latest order details with status.
- Seller/Vendor dashboard also display most viewed 5 products.
- Seller/Vendor dashboard also display seller's Low Inventory products, with link of View all products.
- Configuration for display Low Inventory products.
- Seller/Vendor can change qty for multiple products at same time (Mass QTY Change) from Low Inventory products page.
- Seller/Vendor can Import/Export stock for their own products.
- Seller/Vendor can see order listing.
- Seller/Vendor can see order details and Print order.
- Separate commission per Seller/Vendor managed by admin.
- Seller/Vendor can see list of their Transaction made by admin, Also can see detailed transaction
- Seller/Vendor can see customer reviews for them on My Reviews page
- Customer can give review for Seller/Vendor
- Configuration for allow guest Customer to give review for Seller/Vendor
- New Review email sent to admin for approval.
- Backend manageable email template for new review.
- Seller/Vendor information on Product detail page with some products of Seller/Vendor.
- Order notification to Seller/Vendor after order creation.
- Customer details in Order email as per configuration.
- Backend manageable email template for New Order email to Seller/Vendor.
- Admin can manage commission for each vendor.
- Admin can Approve/Disapprove Seller/Vendor.
- Admin can Approve/Disapprove product.
- Admin can Pay vendor from admin, with mass pay and single pay with comments.
- Email notification to seller/vendor per transaction.
- Backend manageable email template for New Transaction for Seller/Vendor.
- Admin can see transaction history.
- Email template manageable from admin.
- My store link in Seller/Vendor section.
- Separate vendor section for admin.
- Admin can Approve/Disapprove multiple vendors.
- Admin can Enable/Disable multiple products.
- Admin can edit Seller/Vendor from backend.
- Admin can Approve/Disapprove review for Seller/Vendor from backend

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