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Magento 2 Marketplace Review & Rating Extension will allow the customers to rate the vendors for their services at MageArray Marketplace. Customers can see the ratings and reviews of each vendor. Admin can create the vendor's rating items and manage all the reviews.


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Magento 2 Marketplace Review & Rating Extension for MageArray Multi Vendor Marketplace extension gives the feature of rating the vendors for their shop’s performance or products on the basis of different parameters like quality, price, value, etc. The ratings given to the vendors by the customers will be visible at frontend on Vendor Shop Page.


– Customers will be able to see the ratings of every vendor on their respective shop page and on the marketplace vendor shop listing page as well.
– A page is also available for reading the reviews of the vendor. Customers will get a form to fill their reviews and ratings for a particular vendor and submit it for admin approval (if setting is made).
– There’s a panel in the admin section for Creating/Deleting the rating items.
– Admin section also includes a panel for Editing and Approving the Review & Ratings.
– The rating items are of three types by default: Price, Quality and Value. Admin can delete these items and add new items as well.
– The admin can choose whether the admin approval is required for review and ratings or not from the System Configuration settings.
– If admin approval is required then the reviews given by the customer will undergo admin approval first.
– If admin approval is not required then the reviews will be accepted directly and no admin interface will be needed in that case. Admin also has the authority to edit these reviews and ratings.


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Version 1.0.1

- Compatibility with Magento 2.3.5

- Bug Fixes

Version 1.0.0

- Initial release