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Form Builder


Form Builder Magento 2 allows you to make any type of form right from magento admin, design it and collect data from users in e-mail and database easily. 


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Magento 2 Form Builder allows you to make any type of form right from magento admin, design it and collect data from users in e-mail and database easily. For more information about this extension please visit

Feature Highlights


– With Magento2 Form Builder, you can create unlimited forms with various fields available, drag and drop interface to reorder, set title, placeholder and validation rules, add a captcha for spam prevention. 


– Form builder Magento 2 allows to embed Form in any CMS Page and Block using the widget and start collecting data. it's possible to embed admin-approved form submissions as well. 


– Review and export entries collected. Get notified by email and send confirmation copy to the customer. 

Fields Supported

– Text (Email, Number, URL validation)
– Textarea 
– Dropdown Select 
– Dropdown Multiple Select 
– Radio Button
– Checkbox 
– Date 
– Time 
– Date & Time 
– File Upload (Image, PDF, Doc, Zip and any other)
– Captcha (Google Recaptcha)
– HTML (Google Map, any custom HTML)
– Pre-Filled (Hidden , Visible - Editable, Visible - Read Only)


– Send Email to Admin when form submitted.
– Send Email copy to Customer when form submitted.


– Save form entries to database.
– Expert database entries to CSV or XML


– Required
– Digits Only
– Alphabets Only
– Alphanum
– Date 
– Email
– NonNegative Number


–  Prevent automated form submission , use smart Google Recaptcha to ensure form submitted by humans.


– Show custom success message after form submission.
– Configure URL to redirect after form submission.

All Features

– Design Forms right from admin no need of FTP. 
– You can make unlimited forms per store. 
– You can add unlimited fields per form. 
– You can group fields by fieldsets.
– You can add captcha to any form. 
– You can add custom HTML to any form. 
– You can add hidden or visible (editable / read-only) fields to pre-fill fields based on URL parameters given.
– Form Builder allows you to send mail and / or save the result to the database. 
– Allows to configure email in case form result needs to be sent by mail. 
– Customer Email copy and Reply to Customer field. 
– Allows to show the submitted result in the frontend. 
– Configuration to show submitted result after admin approval or without admin approval. 
– Configuration for where to redirect after form submission. 
– Configuration for the message to show and URL to redirect after form submission. 
– You can add form in any CMS page / block by simple Widgets. 
– You can add form result in any CMS page / block by simple Widgets. 
– Useful in making Custom contact form and Testimonial form and infinite possibilities. 
– Easy Smart Field and Fieldset Sorting. 


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Change Log

Version 1.0.0

- Initial release

Version 1.0.1

- File upload issue solved with predefined type.

- Radio Button Default selection solved.

- Date validation remove.

- Form Results not availble if you disbabled form.Insert Variable issue solved.Form validation fail issue solved.

Version 1.0.2

- Bug Fixes