MageArray Affiliate

Earn money by becoming a MageArray Affiliate program!

How it works ??

1. Create Affiliate link/links of our extension store (or to a separate module) and promote it on your website, blog, forum post, etc.
2. Each link you place contains a MageArray affiliate code so we derived traffic from your link will be track every conversion made by your visitors.
3. This way, you get 10% commission for every purchased module.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MageArray Affiliate Program and how do I join?

MageArray Affiliate Program is targeted at blog or website owners wanting to monetize their traffic.

How to get started?

Joining MageArray Affiliate Program is free. simply fill up the Affiliate Program opening form. Once MageArray team confirms your request you will gain access.

How do affiliate links work?

You may generate page-specific affiliate links that use the browser cookies to spot distinctive guests to ensure that we have a tendency to miss no referrals.

Where am I able to see my progress?

The "Affiliate" section of your account is that the center of your campaign with a large kind of campaign-related reports.

How do I get my commission?

Commission is paid either quarterly or on demand. Request the payout from your account or request via email.